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About Claire

Claire Nicole Honsaker was just 25 years old when her and her two best friends lost their lives to a drunk driver.
Claire had a twin sister, Alex. Here is Claire in her words:

What to say about Claire… What isn’t there to say about Claire?
She was/is the most free spirited, in your face, hilarious, unique person I knew. She did whatever she wanted regardless of consequences or anyones opinion. If her mind was made up on something that was it. No one would convince her otherwise.
She was very intimidating to a lot of people who didn’t know her, and maybe even to some who did. Her unfiltered, in your face attitude was pretty intense if you weren’t used to it. That being said, she was also one of the sweetest and most kindhearted people, as well. Those who were close to her could attest to that. She was always there for me when I needed her, which was pretty much everyday, and never judged me for my fears or insecurities. She was a very good person to go to if you needed to vent or someone to be on your side and say fuck you to everyone.
A lot of people would compare her to Snow White in the sense that she would always somehow find animals and nurse them back to health. I swear once a week i’d get a picture sent to me of a different bird or dog, and even one time a baby squirrel, that she had somehow found and was now their adopted mother. Her heart was so full when it came to animals. She was much more patient with them than humans, thats for sure.
Claire loved nature and being wild and free. The last 6 months of her life she spent hitchhiking, train hopping and walking all around the states. I thought she was nuts. Sometimes she would be alone. Sometimes she would be with companions she met on the road. She was sleeping outside in a tent, carrying all of her possessions on her back, and eating whatever she was offered or could afford. She would often text me and be like ‘omg pizzzzzaaa’.
I could write a book trying to describe Claire, but i’ll just keep this short and sweet. She was one of the best people I knew and I still can’t believe she’s gone. She will always be my best friend and womb mate.
Love you sissy

The Project

The Claire Nicole Travels project was started by Alex Honsaker and Jennifer Stauffer.The purpose behind the #clairenicoletravels project is to keep Claire's wanderlust spirit traveling. We want as many people as possible to be able to see her picture and have her in their thoughts, if only for a brief moment.
Please request a free sticker and take her traveling with you. Put the sticker somewhere beautiful, rare, silly or special to you.
Please send us a photo after you placed the sticker so we can upload it to our site. Also let us know if you are traveling and see a sticker someone else has placed! If you choose to post it on your personal social media account, please tag us!

thank you to Sara Chacon of SummerTime Friends for our sticker design.

A Message from Alex

September 10th, 2015

September 10th 2015 my twin sister Claire Honsaker and two of her friends, Christoffer Burke and Steven Stinson were killed in a car crash.
My world stopped spinning that day.
My greatest nightmare had just become my reality.
I will never forget that night. The police cars outside my moms house. My mom outside crying. Me running across the street bursting into the house. No one needed to say the words, I knew.
I didn’t know that that type of fear, sadness, panic, shock, loneliness, emptiness, loss and pain could exist all at the same time.
I laid outside on the grass looking up at the stars for what felt like hours. I was scared to go home and go to sleep even though it was around 2 in the morning. I don’t even remember going home.
I had a feeling of utter confusion, like I didn’t know what to do next. I couldn’t think straight. Nothing mattered. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I was catatonic for most of the day. Doing everyday things seemed so trivial and pointless.
I wake up in my room full of pictures of us and for a second I have a moment of ‘Oh, thank god that was just a terrible nightmare’. For that one second I feel immense relief. For that one second my life isn’t turned upside down. The empty pit in my stomach that follows is indescribable. It’s like having a shining ray of hope struck down over and over, day after day.
The rawness of it all has lessened some, but with that brings new struggles. I miss her. I miss her in a way that’s so final its unbearable at times. Each day that goes by without her is another dagger in my heart. Each day without her another piece of me dies.
I love you Claire.